On Why Nigerian Music Groups Breakup


Just recently, Wizkid expressed dissatisfaction with the Banky W led E.M.E records indicating strong intentions to dump his longtime friend Skales and new label mates, Niyola and Shaydeeboi whom their fans had seen as one big, strong musical family.

While this is still a shocker, observers and critics say splits and breakups in the Nigerian music industry has been in existence for a long time and will continue to happen in the ever evolving music scene.

Remember the famous D’banj – Don Jazzy / Mo’hits drama? Whoever thought that would happen.  Even the now world famous 2Face Idibia was once a member of the Plantashun boiz and individuals and groups like Styl Plus, Eedris Abdulkareem, KC, P Square and Bracket have been through a time of splitting and patting ways in their musical careers.

These breakups usually confer great benefits to one party and major loss to the other party. However, in a few scenarios it has been of great benefit to the both parties that split.

Why would Wizkid leave E.M.E or P Square decide to part ways with May D? Join me as I try to unravel the motive behind such shocking acts.

As a lover, critic and observer of the Nigerian music industry for over 10 years, I’ve discovered the reason for the break ups is just over bloating egos and greed.

Pardon those harsh words. I’m still a fan and have got no beef for anybody. Let’s just look at the human emotions and how it has played a role in the new break up trend in the Naija music industry.

A boy has fine talents, raw and unrefined. He hooks up with a bigger and more experienced dude who agrees to nurture his musical career both financially and in other ways until he becomes a shining star only it’s not an act of kindness. To whom much is given, much is expected.

Anyway the boy then takes over as the cash cow of the family bringing in mega profits for the label but then he begins to see a problem with his initial contract. How come I’m making all the money and my boss is taking 60% and leaving me with a meager 40%? He begins to succumb to pressures from friends to quit and agrees that he’s been too loyal to his boss forgetting the deal he almost pleaded to get during his days of little beginning. He lets an initial lack of foresight, a now big ego plus pride and exuberance mar a once lovely working relationship.

Let’s look at the case of a naturally shy boss who is not yet ready for the international exposure his usually ambitious partner is running after. A difference in temperaments will definitely cause a friction which may lead to a split which goes on to affect other musicians under them. Well, both parties seem to be doing well but one cannot help but miss how these dudes complemented each other.

Now in the case of these dudes known for keeping their music business within their family, it came to me as a shocker that they would sign a relatively unknown act from another tribe who sings a different genre.

I always knew the relationship between the brothers and the “Sound track” crooner would never last and my silent thoughts played out into reality. Maybe they were scared of his rising profile or just felt the dude was not grateful enough for the fame they helped him get. Well, the dude has been making good use of his brief stint with the brothers and has moved on fast with the establishment of his own record label. In his mind, he’ll say I don’t care as far as I “Chop my money”.

Anyway, just as the music industry is constantly evolving, so will the once perceived unbreakable groups, artistes and labels part ways over disagreements on issues ranging from beef and jealousy, loyalty, profit splitting, failed promises, lack of foresight and even trivial issues. Remember this is Naija and anything can happen.

Source: Naijawhistle


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